CARLO ANCELOTTI: We will not make rotation

Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti has finally declared that he will not use rotation for next clash against Getafe on Sunday.

"He told reporters that he wants to play with the same squad as their is no need for rotations during this important time. All the players are in good form but still they need to improve the quality of their game , Cristiano Ronaldo is not one of them, and only Pepe will be out because of injury during previous Copa Del Ray match against Atletico Madrid. Kroos and Ronaldo are our key players and we really need them for further clashes, they will also get rest when they actually need."

" On Atletico clash, he told that our attitude was really not soft, I saw all the players were playing with the great intensity and flow, especially Isco, who played very well."

"He also discussed over Getafe, told that it will not be an easy clash because they only changed their coach, and will work hard to win every thing from match, and grab few points.But beside that, we will perform better and want to keep leading the La Liga table."

"Ancelotti told that he does not believe that our attitude was not good enough to win, however we made some mistakes which leads the starting of season not on right foot. He also said that Keylor Navas will also get some time for further games."