Martin Odegaard; on the verge of joining Real Madrid

Martin Odegaard
Norwegian wonder kid Martin Odegaard, is currently on the verge of joining Spainish giant Real Madrid. Norway super star is only 16 year old and has been highly linked with Madrid, his presence at spainish stadium during Copa Del Ray clash between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, was also a strong clue to say him joining Real Madrid.Odegaard has also visited other big clubs Manchester City and Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund. 

"He told reporters that Liverpool always have been his dream club but that will not affect his decision to go for new club. It's only the matter of team which will best suits me and for my further career development. And that may not be the Liverpool."

"During Ballon d'Or ceremony Cristiano Ronaldo also discussed about him, Ronaldo told that Martin is good player, I see lot of talent and potential in the player, nice left footed. It must be impressing for any teenager."

"But actually playing for Castilla and Madrid will help in better development of his career, is also a big question. Any misjudgment or mismanagement may also ruin his career"

"His transfer fee is €4m, he may be a relatively expensive player, but it will not be enough as compare to his talent. Odegaard is really a super talented player, but will Madrid be able to utilise his talent or will dump him, is also a big question in everyone's mind."

"Ajax coach told reporters that he is not entirely convinced that joining a club like Madrid will be good choice for Odegaard. He is very young and only 16 year old, if he was my son I never advise him to join big clubs like Madrid and Liverpool, would advise him to go to Holland."