Luis Suarez admits- its harder to score in La Liga

Former Liverpool striker Luis Suarez who joined Catalans club at the start of session admitted that he finds little difficult to score. After suffering four months ban he played his first match for Nou Camp against arch rivals real madrid. He is still in search of his great form. Uruguayan striker has failed to score in most of the matches which he played this season.

"He found net few times this season but he still loves to play along with Lionel Messi and Neymar, He told that both  have great qualities which makes things quite simple for newcomers. And Suarez is learning from Messi."

"Suarez told that it is harder to struck goals in spain. Here defenders are clever, they have lot of qualities and they are stronger as comapred to English Premier League. But currently Suarez has second highest number of assists for his team. He also said that he loves to create chances for others."

He is sure that he will provide his 100% to Barcelona in upcoming days.