Bayern Executive- We Can Not Buy Messi Because Brca Will Never Let Him Go

Lionel Messi
Barcelona legend Lionel Messi is in transfer news for more than a month. Now his departure rumours from Barcelona is slowed as the current transfer window is coming to an end. It will be a fast relief for Barca fans, who were listening, Messi wants to leave Barcelona.
"There were lots of speculation that,  His most wanted landing venue will be Bayern Munich due to a number of reasons. Currently Bayern Munich is one of the most successful clubs of  football world, they also have much enough money to buy any great player of this time. It is also a plus point for Messi that their coach is former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola , one of Messi's closest friend."
"However Leo is not leaving Barca, even still Bayern has enough resource to approach best player of world."
But the manager Karl-Heinz Rummenigge told that he has a strong reason, why he can not land Lionel to Bayern. He said that
"Messi has like a marriage relationship with barcelona, they may be facing some problem in relationship but they will never break up. It is just like Lahm and Bayern. I know that Barca will never consider to let him go. He has  250 million release clause. He will have to stay at Barca forever."