Real Madrid Are Investigated By FIFA Due To Under Age Signing

Real Madrid are in confidence that they have not broken FIFA rules in the transfer window. Current Madrid are being investigated by FIFA due to under age signing.

FIFA tries to determine that wheather they have followed the rule. But Real are confident that they will not face same type of ban which has been imposed currently on Barcelona.
World's official football regulating body has requested information from the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), on all the club players, who are under age, currently connected with the club.

"On 26th January FIFA representative told that they are currently gathering all the information related to players so that they can properly solve the matter. But we do not have enough information, to take action."

Madrid's Director of Institutional Relations, Emilio Butragueno told reporters "that they do not have any problem with FIFA's policy, And I am sure we will not face transfer ban , similar to Barca."

"He told that first of all we agree with FIFA on this matter, we will follow them in every type of work, they have asked. We are feeling safe especially with Madrid's behaviour."