Ancelotti Backed Bale-He has fantastic season

Gareth Bale
After making some big mistakes in last few games Real Madrid star Gareth Bale, was highly criticised by Santiago crowd. For last few games he was never at his best,especially in last game, against Real Sociadad his mistakes were not acceptable. 

In this season, first time Bale was jeered by crowd against Valencia, where he hadn't pass ball to Benzema, and strike himself which was not converted in goal, as a result Madrid lost the game by 2-1.

Bale was called selfish against Espanyol for shooting instead of passing team mates, and booed by fans.

Firstly Ronaldo came in his defence and now coach Carlo Ancelotti backed him, stated that he is neither concerned by the matter. Ancelotti told reporters that

"Bale is giving every thing to team, that he has and what he could.He performed brilliantly last year and scored in each and every finals.This season is also going superb for him, he is doing his best."

"We don't have any kind of difficulty with him, he is doing well."

"I don't think he listened whistles neither did I, and he will not  be worried about that.He is playing well and I hope that he will do so in upcoming days."