Frank Lampard Says That Cristiano Ronaldo Should Back Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale
Frank Lampard, Manchester City midfielder told that,after being booed by fans, Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale seems to be in confusion to take shot or either make it pass. He should try to come out from this problem and start scoring once again for team to boost his morale.

Lampard told that 

"he is good player as well as nice person, if there is some ego in him that is because of what he achieved. But it is clear, now he always seems in confusion whether I should go for goal or should make it pass."

"I hope that goes out of his game very quickly because if that is there it is going to affect him"

At the staring of this year instead of passing he opted to shoot in 1-2 loss against Valencia and clear frustration was shown by team mates Benzema and Ronaldo, then fans started booing over him. After few days it happened again, Bale was criticised by fans for not passing ball to team mate Cristiano Ronaldo against 3-0 win over Espanyol.

But Wales man was in good form during last clash in champions league in 2-0 win against Schalke. He was always seen in the game either opposition's half or his half. 

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti also came in defence of Wales international and denied that there is any issue between Bale and Cristiano.

I would like to see Cristiano come out and say there is no issue because he is the boss really and he maybe needs to say that.
During this season Bale has scored 16 goals for Real Madrid and also provided 7 assists in overall competitions.