Lionel Messi Has Scored In Each Home Game Since Last Nine Matches

Lionel Messi
Barcelona star striker Lionel Messi has scored in last nine games, for Barcelona at Camp Nou. It is the highest number of games in which he scored consecutively at home ground.

This scoring streak started since 22nd November 2014, now he scored 14 goals in nine games.Four time Ballon d'Or winner Argentine, is in great form, creating many chances in each game. Messi assisted 5 times in these games.

These goals are scored against Villarreal, Atletico Madrid , Elche, Cordoba, Paris Saint-Germain, Espanyol and Sevilla

Messi is second top scorer of La Liga, has scored 23 goals and provided 12 assists to team in 22 games. Champions League is also dominated by Messi, in which he scored 8 goals in 6 games.

Messi will look to continue to this goal scoring record against Levante, to make it 10.