Simeone We Will Play With Same Style, Changing Style Would Be A Disaster

Diego Simeone
Diego Simeone, Atletico Madrid coach said to reporters that changing play style against European Champions would be a total disaster for his side. He wants his side to play with same energy and physical approach on Saturday's clash at the Vicente Calderon, which they applied in last few games against Real Madrid.

"Simeone said that every team have their own playing style, if they are winning with that style then there is no need to change it, whether others like or dislike."

"He said that Atletico will not use other strategy of playing and will fight with other La Liga teams with same style."

"We are tough team for others.We are strong, intense, powerful at counter attacking.He said that Atletico have strikers like Griezmann and Torres, who have both skills as well as sprint, who can score in any condition".

"We respect our all rivals. I know, that we are going to face best team, with world class players and great coach.But In fact we don't know to play any other way so we can't change our style."

"Simeone also added that Mandzukic and Griezmann will start the game. It doesn't matter for us that other team is missing their some good players, we will perform our 100 percent."