Jose Mourinho "Wanted To Kill" Assistant Coach Silvino On Bus

Jose Mourinho making fun

Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho told, that "he wanted to kill"assistant first-team coach Silvino Louro, as he given the Manchester City score to Chelsea when they reached Wembley for the League Cup final on Sunday.

Chelsea boss wanted to keep Manchester City's score a secret from his players in order to prevent them from any type of distractions just before the final against Tottenham Hotspur.

After winning final with 2-0, blues boss told media that-
"I told to my players, I didn't want any kind of manifestation or disappointment whether Manchester City scored in the last minute, or Liverpool won. I just wanted complete silence.

We were successful on that. But one member of my staff jumped up in the bus. Silvino. I wanted to kill the guy. As he broke the rule."